Because sometimes listening to your doctor
is the worst thing you can do.


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Empowers the reader to reevaluate his or her healthcare choices.

Simple, to the point, and easy to read.

Dr. Leyla Ali gets to the heart of the truth behind the American Healthcare System. Through the eyes of a pharmacist, she reveals the essence of how far the medical system has gone astray, and what we can do to protect our own health. Dr. Ali's book exposes the limitations of the medical system while serving as an inspiration for individuals to take control of their health by seeking alternative and holistic solutions.

The book includes interviews of individuals, several who were failed by the western medical system then regained their health through holistic and alternative means.

Easy to read and understand, Off Balance invites you to understand the healthcare system from the perspective of a renegade pharmacist.

“People would be very disturbed if they truly understood how bad our healthcare system has become.”
     - Dr. Leyla Ali

Dr. Leyla Ali grew up in a household where her father was a surgeon and her mother a surgical technician. The world of doctors and drugs was all that Dr. Ali was familiar with. In time, she decided to become a pharmacist. Although she often heard "pharmaceuticals are just a business", it wasn't until a few years after completing pharmacy school that she truly understood the gravity of the situation.

“If this book is successful, patients will no longer depend upon medical doctors for all their healthcare needs. Instead, they will seek alternative and holistic solutions, and learn to tap into their own natural ability to heal.”
     - Dr. Leyla Ali

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Only $19.97 Plus S&H

What Do Others Say . . .

In the years since my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, I'd feared and assumed my life would always be centered around insulin injections and ultimately that the overall health of my body would slowly spiral downward as I had witnessed with so many members of my family. Since reading Dr. Ali's Off Balance I've gained the motivation to modify my lifestyle to the point where injected insulin is no longer necessary. I strongly recommend her book to anyone looking for an alternative perspective to health.
Sarah M., Oxnard, CA

When I started reading the book of Dr. Leyla Ali, ' Off Balance The American Way of Health A Pharmacist's Perspective on Why Drugs Don't Work ', I could not put it down. It is indeed her perspective and what a perspective it is ...... it is truly awesome. She does not mince words, she tells it like it is.

Dr. Ali captures the essence of what can happen if we do not take responsibility for our health and well-being...... of how doctors, drugs, pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers can easily turn our health from bad to worst (if we let them).

After reading the last word in the book, I found myself wanting more ..... more info on how to help myself learn about various alternative health maintaining processes. Congratulations Dr. Leyla Ali on a job well done. Hopefully you'll write a sequel..
Emma Webb, Greenfield, WI

Dr. Ali does a marvelous job of presenting a potentially heavy subject in an accessible, clear and entertaining manner.
Adam Smith, Science and communications officer, Alliance for Natural Health International

Off Balance provides a roadmap to wellness in the inspiring stories of individuals who have fought their way back to health despite the obstacles they encountered from the pharmaceutical and medical communities along their journey. It provides an inside view of the problems in the current American health care system from the eyes of a disillusioned pharmacist. The seriousness of the issues raised is well contrasted with the humor of the cartoons introducing each chapter. It's a worthwhile read for anyone in the healing professions. I found the story of the 54-year old Abigail on 41 medications a chilling insight into what's wrong!
Duncan Tooley, Weight Wellness hypnotherapist, Torrance, CA

At last, a measured common-sense review of the American medical system and the extreme influence large & powerful pharmaceutical companies have on the treatment options most people consider.
Kelly M., San Diego, CA

Stop the pain NOW. If you need to be well and not be hurt, this book is for you. A must read to thrive.
Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, President of the International Hypnosis Federation's

I found myself picking the book up and wanting to keep reading it.
Harvey Cannoles, Poplar Bluff, MO

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